How to restore in-app purchases

If you upgraded or deleted the application, or if you have download problems after purchase, do not worry. Your purchases are guaranteed.

It is important to note that Apple, Google and Microsoft doesn't charge twice for in-app purchases. Since you use the same user of the original purchase.


To restore purchases on iOS platform (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)

  1. Tap Settings > iTunes & App Stores
  2. Tap your Apple ID and password
  3. Tap Sign Out
  4. Enter your Apple ID (same used to purchase)
  5. Open the app and tap Options > Restore purchases 
  6. Confirm your password if necessary 
  7. Get back to clips screen and tap icons to download


To restore purchases on Android and Microsoft platform 

Please, login with the same user that bought previously. Open the app and buy again the same item. The system will recognize the original purchase and a new download process will be released.

It is important to remember that you are not charged twice. All app stores will identify your previous buying and release another download without charge.


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